Echinacea-Rini-Verhoeven-Garden Design-Landscaping

Designing is an exciting process, in which I investigate an optimal solution to combine the spirit of the place with the practical wishes and character of the gardenowners.
Functionality goes hand in hand with beauty and the character of the garden.

The specific wishes of the owner, as receiving friends, having diner together, a pond or a nice playground for the kids. Your garden plan will be carefully detailed; making use of chosen materials and beautiful plants.

It is the spirit of the place that inspires me, each garden asks for a different solution which makes each design unique.
The result of this process will be an outside space, that offers you a good place to stay. A place that make you dream away, that will leave you wondering about the beauty of nature or tell you a story about the history of the location. A garden that makes you happy.

In my designs plants are important, they give a rich beauty. Their color and form makes that we experience the seasons, they cool down the place and invite animals to stay in the garden.

My garden designs are made for the long term, after realizing the garden, the experience begins. In the garden we receive our friends, our children are growing up, we wonder about the developing plants and trees, which are in turn, the witnesses of our life.