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Rini Verhoeven was born in Rotterdam, in 1959.
As a child, she liked to play outside, from the seclusion of the parential garden she discovered the outside world step by step. As a teenager she explored the borders of the river Lek. Soon she joined the Dutch Youth Naturalist Organisation (NJN), where she studied the Dutch flora.

Meanwhile she took interest in architecture, her father had a atelier in building interiors and making furniture, together they studied the designs he received to make.

It was no surprise that she chose for an horticultural education at "Huis te Lande" in Rijswijk where the lessons in landscaping, garden history and plant knowledge were favourite to her. During her practical training she worked in several English gardens.
After finishing school she started to take commissions for private gardens, big and small.

For six years she worked at Esveld Nursery's in Boskoop, where she widely enlarged her knowledge of trees and shrubs. Also she developed several courses, as Designing your Garden, Make your own Plantingscheme and Gardenwork.

In 2011/2012 she followed education at Hogeschool Utrecht / Tuinacademie in urban landscaping, which was extended in 2013 at the Ontwerpinstituut in Ontwerpmethodiek (Methodical Design at Designinstitute).
Beside Garden- and Landscape architecture, Rini Verhoeven takes interest in architecture, photography, arts, literature and travelling.

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Rini Verhoeven
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